Pro Pool Rack

We would like to present you our latest rack templates for arranging balls in several billiard games: 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball

Best magic rack on the market

Pro Pool Rack will give you a consistent perfect tight rack every time. This is a paper thin rack made of very thin PVC foil, specifically engineered this way so it can hold the balls in place before the break, offering minimal interference when the balls roll over it. The thickness of the magic rack is just 0.1mm – 0.15mm.

  • Gives a Perfect Rack in 15 Seconds or Less
  • Saves Table Cloth Wear
  • Easy to Store and Travel With
  • Made with a Special Grade Plastic Material
  • 0.1mm-0.15mm Thickness
  • Weighs Less than a Piece of Paper
  • Clear Black Film Color
  • Durable

We send all ordered packages immediately by air shipments in order to reach yours as soon as possible. Packaging and transportation costs are 10EUR per package.

This are one of the best magic racks that I have tried.

Dennis Floyd

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